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 For the best results from your audio send me a message on what you need and I'll be happy to help you with these top rated services:

Audio Post Production: Mastering and Finalization, Editing, Mixing.

Sound Design and Music Production: Mixes, Masters, Tune ups, Creation.

Sound Technician and Audio Consultant: Support for Developing or Improving Production.
Enhancement: Optimize, Fine tune, Improve Quality, Balance, Repair, Reduce Noise.
Voice over: Improve sound and intelligibility on Dialogue, Speech, Spoken word.

Podcast: Audio Post-Production and Production Support.

Sein Mackay from Mack Sound Services at his studio

Here to provide you with outstanding service I work from my professional sound studio. Specializing at finalizing audio and preparing it for optimal playback with excellent sound I am an audio expert and consultant with more then 20 years in sound and music production. In my work I Edit, Mix, and Master Audio for Digital Media, Radio, Apps, Music and Video.

AUDIO POST-PRODUCTION EXPERT - Finalize your audio with top quality service

🔵 TOP RATED PRO: I provide specialized services that are centered around helping you maximize your audio.

🔵 20+ YEARS: Sound and music production as a sound engineer, producer and musician.

🔵 AUDIO EDITOR: I adapt, improve and repair audio with absolute precision.

🔵 ENHANCEMENT: Optimize, Fine tune, Improve Quality, Balance, Repair, Reduce Noise.

🔵 MASTERING ENGINEER: I deliver finalized audio that is properly optimized, well balanced and sounds great.

AUDIO CREATION AND CONSULTANCY - Sound Design and Music Production

🔵 STUDIO ENGINEER: I am a Music Mixing and Mastering specialist also well versed at recording and transforming audio.

🔵 PRODUCER: Original music for Film and Broadcast, Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Electronic, Ambient, Folk, Indy, Acoustic, Vocal Group.

🔵 MUSICIAN: I compose and perform proficiently on more then 10 musical instruments and began studying at age 7.

🔵 SOUND TECHNICIAN: I provide practical and technical support to enhance production.

🔵 SOUND DESIGNER: Merging technical means with creative thinking I produce and develop new sounds with a set purpose in mind, as well as editing and transforming existing audio to better suit its final application.


If you want excellent final audio send me a message now to get started with professional assistance today.

Editing and Optimization:  Voice Over Cleanup

5★ Sein is amazing! Always a pleasure to deal with, and went above and beyond.

Professional sound/audio editor:  Fine Tune Sounds to Loop

5★ Sein is so professional! Our forever first choice for audio editing tasks!

Audio manipulations:  Loop Point Calculation

5★ True professional!

Audio Enhancement and Mastering:  Live Music Clips for Music Group Promo

5★ Sein did an outstanding job with enhancing our livemusic-clips. He always was way before deadline, very constructive in the process and delivered more than expected. Will hire him again, no doubt!

Audio Editing and Mastering:  Mobile Application

5★ Sein is our ultimate sound engineering ranger, audio problem solver and simply #1, would give 6/5 stars if I could!

Noise Reduction, Editing, Enhancement, Dialogue Optimization:  Phone Interview

5★ It was a pleasure working with Sein. He delivered the work on time and kept me up to date about what he was doing during every step of the process.

Audio Editing, Dialogue Optimization, Mixing, Mastering:  Webinar

5★ It was a pleasure working with Sein! I would highly recommend him!

Mixing and Mastering:  Audio for Music Group Promotional Video

5★ Once again, fantastic job. Meets high standards in a professional working environment: very productive, constructive communication, ahead of time, willing to go the extra-mile and great quality. With his pro-active attitude Sein made the job (which had a very tight deadline!) a fun process - we even had time to check several variations to get the best possible results. Highly recommended!

Audio and Dialogue Restoration:  Video Blog

5★ Sein was a joy to work with and exceeded the expectations I had for the work on my project. The audio sounded great, he was helpful and easy to communicate with. He was delightfully polite, and professional. 

Audio Editing:  Voice Over Editing and Optimization

5★ Sein went out of his way to ensure his work was the best it could be, and then some. He did everything he could to help make my project successful.

Restoration, Noise Reduction, Editing, Dialogue Optimization:  Audio For Video Seminar

5★ High quality work and an absolute pleasure to work with Sein!

Dialogue clean up and restoration:  Voice Over Optimization and Mastering for Tutorials

5★ Amazing experience. Sein is a magician, I cannot believe the results I got from the Audio clean up and restoration he carried out on my laptop mic recordings.

Audio Restoration and Enhancement:  Voice Over Archive Mastering

5★ Fantastic work and great communication. My audio sounds better than I was hoping for.

Every sound has its own story and great sound helps to inspire.

That is why I am here to help you deliver an excellent sound experience.

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Consistent audio is paramount for an excellent sound experience and that's what I live to deliver!