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Sound Design and Engineering 

Audio Optimization and Enhancement

Sound Editing, Mixing, Mastering

AV Editing, Optimization and Finalization

Consultancy and Technical Support

Creative Production Development

Content Distribution Strategies

Sound Studio Production

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Highly proficient at recording sound and transforming audio at my

high tech studio.


Merging technical means with creative

thinking I edit and transform audio, as

well as engineer processes that improve

sound so it better suit its final application.



In depth remote support for developing

and improving audio production utilizing

20+ years dedicated to Creative Production and Technical Support


Music Production

and Development



Mixing, Mastering, Tune ups, Composition.


Composer and musical multi-instrumentalist

(20+ instruments) focusing on Keyboards, Synths, Samplers and Wind.

30+ years studying, performing and collaborating on music. 


Music for Film, Radio Broadcast,

Marketing and Art.  Rock, Funk,

Jazz, Electronic, Ambient, Folk, Indy,

Acoustic, Vocal Group, Irish Traditional

and World Music. 

Audio Post Production

and Finalization



Advanced Editing, Sound Mixing, Audio and Music Mastering, Finalization.


Maximize Sound Quality with Audio Optimization, Balance, Fine Tune,

Repair and remove blemishes.


Improve Clarity and Sound Quality on

Monologe Speech, Musical Vocals, Match and balance Dialogue .

Remote Services and Support since 2017

SERVICE GUARANTEE  The no1. priority is assisting you with dedicated service so that you and your project are fully supported.  If you are ready to get started with professional assistance today contact me to discuss your project details and requirements so we begin to find the best solutions for you!


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Mack Sound Services

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99% 5/5 STARS on 70+ Reviews

WHAT CLIENTS SAY  Sein Mackay is consistently reliable and a forward thinking problem solver with excellent communication skills, a highly skilled digital media audio specialist who is always pleasure to work with.


Video Sound Quality Editing:  Remove Buzzing from Live Music Performance Video

5★ This guy knows what he is doing when editing video and music files! Highly recommend.

Editing and Optimization:  Voice Over Cleanup

5★ Sein is amazing! Always a pleasure to deal with, and went above and beyond.

Professional sound/audio editor:  Fine Tune Sounds to Loop

5★ Sein is so professional! Our forever first choice for audio editing tasks!

Audio manipulations:  Loop Point Calculation

5★ True professional!

Audio Enhancement and Mastering:  Live Music Clips for Music Group Promo

5★ Sein did an outstanding job with enhancing our livemusic-clips. He always was way before deadline, very constructive in the process and delivered more than expected. Will hire him again, no doubt!

Audio Editing and Mastering:  Mobile Application

5★ Sein is our ultimate sound engineering ranger, audio problem solver and simply #1, would give 6/5 stars if I could!

Edit audio - fast forward recording:  Audio Optimization and Enhancement

5★ This freelancer will go above and beyond for your task! He responded to all of our changes and feedbacks, was very proactive to send multiple versions from which to choose and had the availability and willingness to make changes whenever and wherever we needed. Thank you so much!

Noise Reduction, Editing, Enhancement, Dialogue Optimization:  Phone Interview

5★ It was a pleasure working with Sein. He delivered the work on time and kept me up to date about what he was doing during every step of the process.

Audio Editing, Dialogue Optimization, Mixing, Mastering:  Webinar

5★ It was a pleasure working with Sein! I would highly recommend him!

Mixing and Mastering:  Audio for Music Group Promotional Video

5★ Once again, fantastic job. Meets high standards in a professional working environment.

Audio and Dialogue Restoration:  Video Blog

5★ Sein was a joy to work with and exceeded the expectations I had for the work on my project. The audio sounded great, he was helpful and easy to communicate with. He was delightfully polite, and professional. 

Audio Editing:  Voice Over Editing and Optimization

5★ Sein went out of his way to ensure his work was the best it could be, and then some. He did everything he could to help make my project successful.

Restoration, Noise Reduction, Editing, Dialogue Optimization:  Audio For Video Seminar

5★ High quality work and an absolute pleasure to work with Sein!

Dialogue clean up and restoration:  Voice Over Optimization and Mastering for Tutorials

5★ Amazing experience. Sein is a magician, I cannot believe the results I got from the Audio clean up and restoration he carried out on my laptop mic recordings.

Audio Cleaning and Enhancement:  Clean up 5 minute audio file

5★ As always, Sein delivered! He turned around a track of interview audio that needed to be cleaned up. Fast and receptive. I would hire again.

Audio Restoration and Enhancement:  Voice Over Archive Mastering

5★ Fantastic work and great communication. My audio sounds better than I was hoping for.

Music Mastering: Vinyl Compilation 10 Year Anniversary

5★ Highly highly recommended, a total professional and a total gent... 


Audio Producer, Sound Engineer and Technician.

Rock music group The Liberty Kings EP 2009.

Brian Kelly Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Musician:

"Séin did a fantastic job recording the Liberty Kings EP we did.  The songs were recorded by Séin using his own equipment.  From start to finish Séin was adverse in engineering, producing, mixing and mastering our EP up to and beyond the high standard we wanted to help us progress.


Our biggest fan of the EP especially the track "Take It Back" was legendary Irish Musician Christy Moore, whom not only enjoyed listening to the EP, but also took an active part in helping us gain recognition with Music Insiders & Record Executives.  Christy was very praising of the sound we were able to get with a modest budget, which is entirely down to Séin’s talent, gift and work ethic."


You can listen to some of the song "Take It Back" in the MUSIC section.

Vinyl Compilation Mastering Engineer.

The SCOOP Foundation 10 year anniversary double disc vinyl compilation album, 2019.

Andrew Sweeny, Founder and Project manager at The SCOOP Foundation:

Andrew's LinkedIn Recommendation:  "Séin mastered our 10 year anniversary double disc compilation album for vinyl and it sounds superb.  The first track by The Candidates is so smooth and funky you almost fall off your couch.  Séin was an absolute joy to work with too, professional in every way and very easy going but still got the job done, and on time. Would highly recommend taking Séin on!"

Broadcast Radio Audio Editor, Mastering Engineer and Technical Support Engineer.

"The Opperman Report", award winning US radio talk show and podcast, Nov 2017 - Apr 2020.

"Producers Choice Honors FAME Award 2019 - Outstanding Radio Talk Show".

Ed Opperman, Radio Talk Show Host:

Here is what Ed had to say about Séin's work in an advert featured on the show:  "My sound man Séin Mackay has his business called MACK SOUND SERVICES .com .  What he does for me is I send him my shows and he does audio enhancements and stuff like that.  He does miracles if you see some of the stuff I send to him and how it comes back.  So get a hold of Séin at MACK SOUND SERVICES .com ." 

More info and audio is available in the RADIO section.

Consistent audio is paramount for an excellent sound experience and that's what I live to deliver!
Séin Mackay