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Voice Over Editing and Optimization

Zero2Hero is a Youtube channel that is well worth a visit for everyone interested amazing and informative stories from around the worldHost and producer DJ walks you through a range of topics including ancient history, science and pop culture in a top 10 List format.



Voice Over Audio Finalization, Mastering, Enhancement and Optimization

Yoga Wave from Bending Spoons S.p.A. Millan is a mobile application with video workouts and poses with synchronized audio instructions.  On this project Sein mastered, finalized and matched quality across audio for HD videos. video.  Séin has worked on 3 flag ship products from Bending Spoons, an innovative mobile application development company who have retained their title as Italy's best place to work for millennials in 2020.

Yoga Wave app Bending Spoons


Sound Production

Séin collaborated with 3DCMP an AV production company to produce this promotional video for Suilven Heights a music group he also performed with as a musician on Clarinet and Tenor Banjo with song writer, musician and vocalist Alan Marshall.



Music Production, Composition and Sound Engineering
Opperman Report Talk Show

Nostalgic Fairwell

Nostalgic Fare Well - End of Show MusicSéin Mackay
00:00 / 00:28

Mellow Filler Music

A Side Step Up - Short - Mellow Music FiSéin Mackay
00:00 / 00:52

The Opperman Report

Music used by award winning Radio Talk Show The Opperman Report.  Music Production by Séin Mackay at his sound and music production studio,  you can stream the full version of these tracks and more on his SoundCloud web page.  More info in RADIO section.

Take It Back - Rock Song Music Demo - Audio_Producer.mpThe Liberty Kings
00:00 / 02:03


Liberty Kings EP Invasion.png
Audio Production and Sound Engineering

Rock Band EP

The Liberty Kings

"Take It Back" from 5 piece rock bandRecorded on location by Séin at Volt Rehearsal Studios Dublin.  Audio post production at Séin's studio. Legend Irish song writer and musician Christy Moore gave high praise to the song and EP, and gave huge support to the group.

More info in REVIEWS section.


Audio Production and Sound Engineering

Featured MUSIC

Elatha Acapella Music

Irish Folk Group

Portuguese Sailor BoyIrish Folk Group
00:00 / 01:40

"Portuguese Sailor Boy"  Irish folk song from Simon Meyler Mandolin, Matt Hanaphy Guitar and Mícheál Vocal.  Recording and audio production by Séin at BCFE Digital Recording Studio while working there as a sound technician and co-manager of the studio.

Accpella Music

Inis Eagla - Acapella DemoElatha
00:00 / 00:25


The Deadly Mechanism
Music Co-Production, Sound Engineering and Mastering

Acoustic Music

Big Sex Do It To MeThe Deadly Mechanism
00:00 / 00:45

Instrumental Music

Antikythera MechanismThe Deadly Mechanism
00:00 / 01:26

The Deadly Mechanism

3 piece acoustic band with the album "All She Whispers".  Recorded and mixed by Séin and Jimmy Deface at Forever Endeavour Studio Co. Meath, Mastered at Séin's studio.  Songs, vocals, guitar, glockenspiel and percussion by Jimmy Deface. Clarinet, melodica, rhythm guitar by Séin, Bass by Cathal Byrne.


Broadcast Audio Engineer, Editor, Sound Technician, Technical Support, Music Producer.

Award winning talk radio show The Opperman Report hosted and produced by Ed Opperman features expert guests and authors on a range of topics including true crime, current affairs and historical events.

During the two and a half years Sein worked on the talk show it grew from an increasingly popular radio show and podcast with a weekly AM radio slot, to a Monday to Friday hourly slot on FM/AM radio in California, Las Vegas, Utah, Florida and more internet stations with a reach of more 50 cities across the USA.

Award Wining Radio The Opperman Report.P

Outstanding Radio Talk Show

The Opperman Report is a mainstay of I Heart Radio programming roster in the Southwest area of the United States. Ed Opperman is host of the show and has given air time to dozens of people, many of whom would never be able to get their voices heard on any other mainstream radio platform. We are proud to honor Ed Opperman with this prestigious award.

Listen to what host and producer Ed Opperman said on air about Séin's work on The Opperman Report.

Mack Sound Services AdvertSéin Mackay
00:00 / 00:33

You can also listen to music Séin Mackay produced for The Opperman Report in the MUSIC section.

Mack Sound Services

For more info and examples of audio and music Séin Mackay has produced visit his SoundCloud.

  • SoundCloud
Mack Sound Services
Mack Sound Services

..Every sound has its own story..



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Music Take It Back
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