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MACK SOUND SERVICES delivers outstanding and supportive services to clients in need of fantastic finalized audio for public release.

Digital Audio and Technical Support Specialist Sein Mackay is an independent service provider dedicated to sound, music, and supporting creative projects.  As a sound mastering engineer and audio post production expert  specializing in finalizing and preparing audio for optimal playback with excellent sound.

"Consistent audio is paramount for a great sound experience.  For excellent final sound and supportive services, send me a message now about what you need to get started."



70+ Reviews, 99% 5/5 STARS

Here are things clients say about

TOP RATED SERIVCES Séin Mackay can help you with.

5 Séin is our ultimate sound engineering ranger, audio problem solver and simply #1, would give 6/5 stars if I could!

Audio Editing and Mastering:  Mobile Application - Bending Spoons S.p.A. Milan.

5★ Séin is amazing! Always a pleasure to deal with, and went above and beyond.

Editing and Optimization:  Voice Over Cleanup Dustin Johnson, YouTube Video Producer.

5★ This guy knows what he is doing when editing video and music files! Highly recommend.

Video Sound Quality Editing:  Remove Buzzing from Live Music Performance Video - Private.

5 Séin did an outstanding job with enhancing our livemusic-clips. He always was way before deadline, very constructive in the process and delivered more than expected. Will hire him again, no doubt!

Audio Enhancement and Mastering:  Live Music Clips for Music Group Promo - Dom Hakios, Musician and Performer.

5 It was a pleasure working with Séin! I would highly recommend him!

Audio Editing, Dialogue Optimization, Mixing, Mastering:  Webinar - Optimize Media.

5 Once again, fantastic job. Meets high standards in a professional working environment.

Mixing and Mastering:  Audio for Music Group Promotional Video - Dom Hakios, Musician and Performer.

5 Highly highly recommended, a total professional and a total gent.

Music Mastering: Vinyl Compilation 10 Year Anniversary - Andrew Sweeny, SCOOP Foundation Founder and Project Manager. 



★★★★★ Specialist

Working Remotely

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