What are cookies?

Internet browsing cookies are files that contain small pieces of data that are exchanged between a user's device and a web server to identify specific users and to improve user browsing experience. 

  What is analytics?

Analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics.  

What data is collected by the cookies?

In the case of MACK SOUND the purpose of cookies is to help the website keep track of user visits and activity.  The site does not collect, store or process personal data.

How is data used?

Analytics are used to improve the relevance and function of services.  In compliance with the GDPR no personal data is collected by MACK SOUND

Can users choose how cookies and data are used?

Yes, users can choose how cookies are used and stored on their machine usually by clicking on the 'Tools' menu in the internet browser. 


More info on Service Terms and Policies:

Client's satisfaction through top quality service with correct and reasonable support is a core principle of MACK SOUND SERVICES.   Learn more about Terms and Policies here.