Séin Mackay is a Creative Production & Technical Support Specialist, Sound and Mastering Engineer, Editor, Music Producer, Consultant, Technician, and Producer.

With 20+ years experience in sound and music production, tech wiz and Dyslexic Thinker Séin Mackay is dedicated to delivering outstanding services and support.  As a mastering engineer Sein specializes at finalizing and preparing audio for optimal playback with excellent sound. 
Sein is a sound technician who has wired and rewired several sound studios.  As a musician, composer and sound engineer he has collaborated with many types of producers, music groups and artists.  Sein specializes at producing original and distinctive audio and music productions and he has been performing music for 30 years.  Almost all things audio are second nature to Sein.

Séin (Shane) Mackay founded his professional sound and music studio in 2017 with a clear mission to provide outstanding services that support the needs of clients 

Working remotely to support international clients, Sein operates from his studio situated in Dublin Ireland.  In 2018 he began working over the internet and soon became well established as a TOP RATED freelancer who  consistently  receives  5 star reviews from extremely happy clients. 

In 2019 Sein Mackay founded his trading name MACK SOUND SERVICES to further develop remote services that are focused on helping clients in need of fantastic sounding audio for digital media.  

For 20+ years Sein is dedicated to Sound, Music, Creative Production and Technical Support. Over the last few years he has built a solid reputation as a Top Rated Specialist working remotely.

Séin Mackay's Specialties
• Technical, Creative and Production Support • Sound Design and Engineering • Audio Post Production • Music Composition and Production • AV Editing and Finalization • Voice Audio • Audio for Public Release, Audio Editing, Mastering, Finalizing and Preparing Audio for Optimal Playback with Excellent Sound • Audio Enhancement and Quality Control • Creative Collaboration

Career Overview and Achievements

" Currently I am an Independent Service Provider working remotely from my professional sound studio.  I have worked on a diverse range of media projects including Mobile Apps, Broadcast Radio, Podcasts, Music, Video, Web and regularly work remotely with international clients.  Over the last few years working remotely I've built a solid reputation as an independent top rated Audio Specialist with 99% 5 stars across 70+ reviews.


I have edited and mastered audio content in 8 languages.  I have had the pleasure of working with leading mobile application developer Bending Spoons S.p.A. Milan on 3 of their flag ship products (they retained their title as Italy’s best place to work for millennials in 2020).

For 2.5 years I enjoyed working from my studio in Dublin as a volunteer on a US broadcast talk show and podcast The Opperman Report (true crime, news, political topics and social injustice), which won "Producers Choice Honors FAME Award 2019 - Outstanding Radio Talk Show" during my time helping as a Broadcast Audio Editor, Mastering Engineer and Sound Technician.

I am a graduate of BCFE with a HND in Music Technology and was invited and returned as a Guest Lecturer, and returned again in as a Sound Technician and co-manger of the digital audio recording studio and provided assistance for Music Technology and Traditional Music college courses.


I have 20+ years experience in Sound and Music Production and my Audio Production work on Rock Music Group The Liberty Kings EP Invasion achieved industry recognition with high praise from legendary Irish musician Christy Moore.  I have been studying, collaborating and performing music for 30+ years which has led me to perform as a musician at the Irish National Concert Hall, the Metropole for the Cork Jazz Festival in, the Guinness Store House for the on Saint Patrick's Day festival.


Colleagues and clients agree that I am consistently reliable and a forward thinking problem solver with excellent communication skills, a dedicated, creative and highly skilled digital audio specialist who is always a pleasure to work with."

Why is your name spelled Séin and also sometimes Sein?

"Is cainteoir líofa mé agus is ainm Gaeilge í Séin a fhuaimnítear Shane i mBéarla. Uaireanta tugaim an é (fada) chun e toisc nach ndéantar fadas, Á É Ó Í Ú, a eisiamh mar charachtair litreacha i roinnt cásanna. 


I am a fluent speaker and as Gaeilge (in Irish) Séin is an Irish name that is pronounced Shane in English.  Sometimes I drop the é (fada) to e because fadas, Á É Ó Í Ú, are not excepted letter characters in some situations." 



Sein Mackay speaking about his drive and passion for great sound and helping people

"I get huge job satisfaction from assisting projects to run smoothly and ensuring audio is delivered at its best. I am deeply passionate about helping audio and people, and I have a life long love of sound, music, technology and art.  In my career working as an audio specialist, engineer, editor, technician, consultant and assistant I am drawn to projects that involve supporting people and companies with a strong affiliation with digital audio.


The ability to record sound, edit, transform and layer audio has fascinated me most of my life.  I got my first tape cassette sound recorder at the age of 5 and started performing music at 7.  By age 14 I moved onto PC DAW production and began experimenting with audio and things like modifying an analog multi-track recorder to work as a Theremin and sensor to control MIDI."

"Sound inspires, and every sound has its own story.  Hearing is such a huge part of the human experience, which is why I am here to help you with outstanding service and support.  Consistent audio is paramount for a great sound experience!"