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MACK SOUND SERVICES delivers outstanding and supportive services to clients in need of fantastic finalized digital media for public release.

Creative Production & Technical Support Specialist Sein Mackay is an independent service provider with 20 + years experience dedicated to sound, music, and supporting creative projects. 
As a total tech wiz with Dyslexic Thinking, Séin works remotely as a Sound Designer & Engineer, AV Editor, Technician,  Music Producer, Consultant & Content Distribution Strategist.  Séin is a Sound Mastering Engineer, Audio Post Production Expert, and specializes in finalizing and preparing audio for optimal playback with excellent sound.

"Consistent audio is paramount for a great sound experience and that is what I live to deliver. For excellent final sound and supportive services, send me a message now about what you need to get started."


70+ Reviews, 99% 5/5 STARS

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TOP RATED SERIVCES Sein can help you with.

5 Sein is our ultimate sound engineering ranger, audio problem solver and simply #1, would give 6/5 stars if I could!

Audio Editing and Mastering:  Mobile Application

5★ Sein is amazing! Always a pleasure to deal with, and went above and beyond.

Editing and Optimization:  Voice Over Cleanup

5★ This guy knows what he is doing when editing video and music files! Highly recommend.

Video Sound Quality Editing:  Remove Buzzing from Live Music Performance Video

5 Sein did an outstanding job with enhancing our livemusic-clips. He always was way before deadline, very constructive in the process and delivered more than expected. Will hire him again, no doubt!

Audio Enhancement and Mastering:  Live Music Clips for Music Group Promo

5 It was a pleasure working with Sein! I would highly recommend him!

Audio Editing, Dialogue Optimization, Mixing, Mastering:  Webinar

5 Once again, fantastic job. Meets high standards in a professional working environment.

Mixing and Mastering:  Audio for Music Group Promotional Video

5 Highly highly recommended, a total professional and a total gent.

Music Mastering: Vinyl Compilation 10 Year Anniversary


★★★★★ Specialist

Working Remotely


"..Every sound has its own story and great sound helps to inspire. 

That is why I am here to help you deliver an excellent sound experience.."


Great Sound Helps Inspire

Audio Specialist Remote Services and Support since 2017

99% 5/5 stars across 70+ reviews, over 4 consecutive years working remotely.
5/5 ⭐ "Simply #1, would give 6/5."     5/5 ⭐ "Sein is a magician."
5/5 ⭐ "Highly highly recommended, a total professional and a total gent."

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